Makeup Remover

Deep cleanser for all skin types
Suitable for the skin of the face and the area around the eyes
Has moisturizing power
Changing the color of the skin
Active Ingredients
Glycerin: anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and softening
Hydrolyzed milk casein: reducing skin spots, moisturizing, powerful cleanser
Butylene glycol: moisturizing, cleansing, strong moisture absorbent
Product Type : MAKE UP REMOVER
Volume :120 ml
Suitable For : All skin type
Franchise : Cleanser
Package Type :bottle
How to Use
Shake the solution well every time you use it so that the surface phase is well mixed. Then, dip a cotton or make-up pad in the solution and wipe the surface of the face and around the eyes without excessive pressure. After use, rinse with lukewarm water.


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